tisdag 1 februari 2011

Roy again

I will let Roy Spencer summarize some of the points made during the last week by quoting parts of two of his blogposts which can be found here and here.

Roy Spencer on the second law of thermodynamics:

"First of all, the 2nd Law applies to the behavior of whole systems, not to every part within a system, and to all forms of energy involved in the system…not just its temperature. And in the atmosphere, temperature is only one component to the energy content of an air parcel."

Roy Spencer on the state of the earth if there were no greenhouse gases:

"....And what happens when there is a temperature difference in a material? Heat flows by thermal conduction, which would then gradually warm the upper atmosphere to reduce that temperature difference. The process would be slow, because the thermal conductivity of air is quite low. But eventually, the entire atmosphere would reach a constant temperature with height."

Yes, that sounds familiar, isn't it the second law of thermodynamics?

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