söndag 28 april 2013

Issues parallel to AGW

For the first time in this blogg's history I will go off topic. Or maybe not. Some time ago I became aware of another scientific issue, the HIV-AIDS hypothesis, which ressembles the AGW issue in many respects. The big HIV hype occurred at around 1990 which was before the internet age. That might explain why the dissidents in this field of science is less known to the general public. However, since there is now a pretty well-developed AGW skeptic network on the internet, I thought we might give our fellow deniers in that other field some extra airing. Medicine is not my area of expertise, hence I will not be able to contribute anything original and instead leave it to you to judge for yourself and find additional sources of information. 

This is something of an introduction/teaser

A more technical presentation questioning the very existence of a retro-virus HIV can be found below

2 kommentarer:

  1. Most of this is largely conspiracy theory, and I only say this because this is one common talking point of the gay lobby - to deny that diseases exist and that their lifestyle is healthy.

    The virus does exist, and has killed many.

  2. Your use of the word "conspiracy theory" is somewhat odd since first of all this is about the existence of a virus and not a conspiracy. Secondly, what is wrong about the lifestyle in Africa?