tisdag 1 januari 2013

Be nice to Roy Spencer

Roy Spencer has written another post on the Greenhouse Gas Hypothesis. As usual, (maybe with some exception), I find that it accords well with the descriptions I have found in the literature. There are some comments one could make, which are not new but could be repeated. He says that

3) The greenhouse effect does not violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics. Just because the greenhouse effect (passively) makes the surface of the Earth warmer than if only (active) solar heating was operating does not violate the 2nd Law, any more than insulating your house more can raise its interior temperature in the winter, given the same energy input for heating.

It is true that increased temperature due to heat insolation in the winter does not violate the 2nd law, on the other hand, increased heat insolation does not cool the outside temperature given constant forcing so the analogy is not that good. According to the GGH the stratosphere cools with increased GHGs.

As I have tried to explain before, I you sincerely wish to pursue the truth it is important to respect those individuals who express honest opinions and stick to the truth about the actual implications of the GGH. In other words, Roy Spencer could be a very good source of information to skeptics if you treat him correctly. That is, do not get emotional or obnoxious. Instead ask him encouraging questions about the GGH. 

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  1. I remember seeing Lubos Motl making a post on how the GHE doesn't contradict any laws of physics, and he shamelessly engaged in skeptic bashing. Such self-defeatism, no?

  2. I didn't say "Be nice to Lubos Motl"